City Street Farms

Why mow when you can grow?

We are set for the 2021 season and are now taking applications for the 2022 season. We are currently planning the expansion of our farm and our yard services, so stay tuned for updates about how we may be able to work together.

What does it mean to “Farm Your Yard”?

It means redistributing the resources spent on lawn and yard care and applying them to growing a garden full of produce, right outside your door.

It means working with nature, rather than against her to create mutually-beneficial landscapes.

And when you partner with City Street Farms, it also means joining a community of urban farmers who are working to increase self-sufficiency, naturalize our environments and build strong communities.  

Our ideal yard is:
  • Owned by community-minded folks
  • At least 1,000 sq.ft or has the potential to partner with neighbouring yards
  • Gets at least 8 hours of sunshine throughout the day

Fill out the form below to apply!

Miranda’s yard transforms from a great dirt pile to…
…a beautiful and productive front yard farm.
Here’s how it works:

We visit the yards that have been submitted in the fall and spring to find the spaces that will fit with our existing farms. Once everyone is on board:

  • You (the homeowner) provide:
    • Access to land and water
    • A one-time membership fee required to prepare your yard (bringing in top soil, removing sod, installing raised beds, etc.). This cost will vary with the size of your yard and will only be required in year one.
  • City Street Farms provides:
    • Seeds, seedlings, compost, and all other inputs
    • Planning, management and maintenance of the garden from seeding to harvest
    • Regular boxes of veggies for you throughout the season

Send us a note if you are interested in turning your lawn into a garden for the 2022 season! We will be taking on a small number of yards to expand our farm and will also be offering new services if we aren’t the right match for farming your yard.